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Measures Taken To Reduce Pollution At The Individual Level

01. Everyone has a role to play in reducing pollution. Here are some ways you can help to save the environment by advocating the 3R principle . You can also learn how to reduce waste at home, school or while shopping.

02.This site is all about green living. It updates you with the latest environmental issues and illustrates how you can adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle. It also has a wealth of interesting information and pictures of exotic plants and animals.

Measures Taken To Reduce Pollution At The National Level

Most countries have formed organizations to address their environmental issues. Here are some of the measures taken by these countries.

01. Despite being an urban city, Singapore has maintained a high ambient air quality standard. The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources has made considerable efforts in maintaining clean air, land and water to sustain Singapore’s high standard of public health.

02. Japan’s Ministry of the Environment consists of a few departments that monitor water, maritime, air and soil environment conservation. Some of the measures taken include prevention of air pollution from factories and automobiles, nature conservation and promoting a recycling-based community. Its news updates can be found here.

03. China has stepped up its measures to curb pollution by getting tough on corporate executives who are responsible for causing severe pollution by imposing hefty fines on them. It has also launched a complaint hotline for its citizens. They can inform or update the Ministry regarding any matters that relate to pollution.

04. Similarly, Thailand has a Pollution Control Department (PCD) that administers all issues that pertain to its environment.

05. One of the main problems faced by Indonesia is the haze caused by forest fires. Clean air initiatives have been carried out to overcome this. Indonesia is also keen to protect its rainforests. It is looking into improving agricultural projects and promoting alternative cultivation techniques to address its deforestation issue.

06. The Environmental Protection Agency from the United States encourages the public to participate in its conservation efforts. It has an interactive website where the public is encouraged to discuss and share their suggestions.

07. Even for countries that have a low population and limited industrial base like New Zealand, conservation efforts are still carried out.

Measures Taken To Reduce Pollution At The International Level

01. In 2006, Indonesia’s forest fires caused some of its neighbours to complain regarding the haze. In response, Indonesia called for a meeting with Singapore and Malaysia to discuss about this issue.

02. The International Maritime Organization sets international shipping standards and regulations. It is the specialized agency that is responsible for safety and security at sea and promotes international cooperation on issues to prevent maritime pollution.

Do you think the haze problem can be prevented in the future?

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